Is something off here?

So I am working on a MB lease.

Price of the vehicle is $50k, msrp is $60495

10k a year lease was told 61% residual

mf .00174

Dealer is telling me the lease payment with a 10% tax is $700?

according to the calculator it should be $570

what am I doing wrong?

they also provided me with the worksheet and it shows tax being added to the calculation (not the 10,5%)

Post a pic/screenshot of the worksheet

And the Mf sounds marked up

That’s the purchase option (finance) section. Post the worksheet for a lease.

this is another worksheet I received,

Those lease numbers looks terrible. You need the full breakdown to see where they are fudging the numbers.

exactly. but they say this is as close as it will get.

they just asked me for a credit app. methinks no

If they won’t give you a proper breakout, find another dealer to work with. It means they’re trying to focus you on the payment rather than the whole deal.

As close as they will get to the number you figured or as close to they will get to being transparent?

I figured sub $500, they came up with $650-700

Another Autonation masterpiece.

I get $592 plugging in those numbers. Do they have a list of fees they are charging? I’d tell them to take a hike if they can’t provide you with a complete deal sheet.

I must be doing something wrong, how did you get $592?

you said the MF was .00174?

btw, we are all here ready to help you. But no one can help you without detailed breakdown of taxed incentives, down payment, fees, etc. Also, you need to be clear how long is your lease term. 12/24/30/36/48 months?

p.s., Why is your acquisition fee is $1k in your screenshot?

I just used all your numbers. I left the doc fees and registration fees as the defaults.

When Autonation dealers provided quotes, the selling price for the lease is much higher than the selling price they show. Don’t lease from Autonation dealers.

Not sure about taxed incentives. $49,000 was the selling price they were showing, leased or not.

36 month lease, 10k a year.

no down payment.

first month and fees separate and not part of the price.