Is My Car Dealership Lying To Me?

Are their lips moving?


99% lie or withold information. Thats how they make money and how they can afford million dollar renovation on their dealership. No offense to the dealers and brokers here since some are really honest to some extent. But you see, they cannot sell wveryone the same low price and low profit or they will be out of business. Thats why theres always a unicorn deal that only a handful of people can get and very hard to replicate.

The dealership I just went to was great and were straight shooters about almost everything. Yet for some strange reason they insisted that they were able to make the GM College Discount stack with my GM earnings, which clearly didn’t happen when I read all the paperwork. I still got what I agreed upon anyway so I didn’t really care, but it just seemed so strange to not be upfront about it when I had mentioned it ahead of time as a possible concern that might need to be fixed with flex cash, which is exactly what they ended up doing.