Is June the worst time to buy a new car?

I have been looking for another EV recently and after a few days of discovery. I found all the deal prices have increased. And when I call the dealer, they seem like don’t want to sell a car. Is June the worst time to buy a car in a year?


There isn’t a specific month that is “the worst month to buy a new car”

There are plenty of low EV deals this month. If you are comparing to May there is less inventory on some models currently


June is the end of a yearly quarter so that shouldn’t necessarily be the case. A lot of it will depend on the particular vehicle, as well as how far along a dealership is towards their goals. Have they hit their targets? Is hitting those targets hopeless? Or are they close? Does the brand in question pay a quarterly bonus? It’s still fairly early in the month so a volume chasing store might not feel the urgency just yet, or you are talking to a store that is all about holding front end gross.

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This is the worst way to lease/buy a car, regardless of month.


What are you looking at? Pretty much most of the evs are getting some good deals.

Also yea don’t call them and ask for a number

But I saw lots of people in our forum, who got really good quotes through phone or email. What should I do? Just visit their store?

Absolutely not.

You should be making the dealer an offer, not asking them how much they want you to pay.


Like mllcb said, asked on your research here and on the calculator you need to make them a proposal

Thanks. I tried. I ask $3xx and $3500 down for an EQE SUV. And they don’t replay my message :upside_down_face: Maybe they don’t want to sell a car at the beginning of a month?

Email them. You’re wasting your time going into dealership. Only go in to test drive and to sign and pick up the car after you make the deal via email and phone.


How did you come up with that price?

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just make up a number, send to a dealer, the dealer says no, “the dealer doesn’t want to sell me a car”


Is that a well-researched realistic price or just a made-up number because that’s all you can afford/want to spend? Have you put that deal into the calculator to see where you’ve got to be to achieve those numbers?

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I browsed our forum, someone got a deal with that number.

They do even not say no, they don’t reply to my messages. Could you tell me the correct way to get a good deal?

I wish there was a section of this site dedicated to deals, maybe even a “Marketplace” of sorts


That probably means they consider your offer so low that its insulting and they are far apart so they dont feel the need to discuss further

What? No.

It’s a great time to buy a car. Model year close outs and end of Q2 impending.


Not the way the OP is approaching it.

Yeah marketplace is probably your best bet. Word of advice is dealers don’t like losing money so if you just call around asking for quotes of course they are going to be high. I wouldn’t say emailing is the answer, I’ve never had any luck with dealers answering emails. To keep it simple, wait till the end of the month, call multiple dealers and give them your offer AND let them know that if they agree to the terms you will move forward asap. They have to know you’re serious otherwise what’s the point for them. Someone will probably counter and give you a reasonable deal, or not. It’s rarely an easy, smooth process.

But as discussed, if you don’t really know what you’re doing, just go with a broker and call it a day.