Is it worth buying or leasing this 2020 Nissan Leaf +?

Have the option to lease or buy this 2020 Nissan Leaf SL Plus.

MSRP: $45,220.00
Selling Price: $42,002.00
Rebate: $11,675.00
Adjusted Cap Cost: $32,984.15
Money Factor: 0.00033
Residual Percentage: 53% ($23,966.00)
Down Payment: $0.00
Monthly Payment: $394.52 + Sales Tax

MSRP: $45,220.00
Selling Price: $40,729.00 (Dealer Discount of $4,491.00)
Rebates Including California Clean Fuel Rewards: $10,000.00
Subtotal After Discounts and Rebates:$30,729.00
Total OTD: $35,271.33
Total after tax credit: $27,771

IMO definitely buy it. My leaf lease was only $159 for a 2020 SV (40kWh). My buyout is currently ~$22.5k, While Carvana would buy it right now for ~$22.1k. If you go on, CarGurus, etc. you’ll see right now used 2020 SL Plus models with under 5k miles going right around $26-28k. I honestly think those are better buys. If you buy out this leaf right now, you’ll still be paying interest on that 7,500 before you get your tax credit (unless you’re buying cash).

Hey, check out this car I found on

Hey, check out this car I found on

Lease a Bolt - they are cheaper.

EV’s do not hold the value due to rapidly changing technology / increased battery range. I would not buy a Leaf.

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Bolt is too small for my needs

The back seat has plenty of room but you do have less cargo space. Somebody just posted a one pay for $4500 on a 2021 Bolt, pretty hard to pass up a deal like that

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