Is it really that hard to find a Mercedes GLE right now?

I inquired with a few brokers about a new Mercedes GLE and I either got back crickets or them saying they don’t have anything.

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They’re in high demand.

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They did you a solid. It’s almost as overpriced as LR/RR products.

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Returned one last year, my wife loved it (it’s the look) and I thought it was nothing special for the money.

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Plenty of supply here now - but as others have said, high demand and you really have to want one to go through the hassle and pay a premium for a 4yl (GLE350) or an even higher premium for the other models 450/580/63. I love mine and did OK over the summer based on a very specific situation I was in - but it still wasn’t cheap and I have one with expensive options I don’t care about (like the $2,100 third row seat package, which is useless / adds weight / removes spare tire) so, the limited selection also requires you to make compromises on options and colors.


Yes…have been hunting myself. And, the rarer the trim (coupe, AMG, etc), the worse it gets. Dealers aren’t dealing and have told me that. Inventory is in their favor.

Yes they are in very high demand right now and doing a custom build has not been a pleasant process either (ordered a GLE 350 back in October and there is still no ETA for delivery). Regarding inventory, there may be some but it is slim pickings. If you have a Mercedes dealership that you have a good working relationship with, go to them because the highest discount you will get on a 350 will be about 5%, if that, from a dealership you have not done business with before.

That’s attainable :grin:.


I feel like Mercedes dealer’s have gone insane. I’ve been doing business with the same set of dealers for many years and have always gotten discounts on par with vendors like @leasecompanion – For the past few months I’ve been cross shopping a few vehicles and the discounts offered are basically non-existent – 4% off on a loaner is now apparently considered “aggressive pricing.” We know the invoice on these vehicles has not changed, nor really the incentives, my only explanation is consumers are actually walking in off the street and paying these asking prices. In my opinion, right now, the only way to get a decent deal on a Mercedes is through a broker.

You’re not missing out. The G05 X5 is a superior car.

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When the value proposition isn’t there, the best thing to do is move on to something else. The GLE value prop is close to non-existent.

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Mercedes has been living on their name for a while now since they are constantly in the bottom half of most car magazines (i.e. JD Power, CR, etc.). I don’t know if they are taking the Porsche approach with making limited inventory or if people have just lost their mind. I can understand something like a black series amg, but the Q5, Macan, and X3 are all better IMO.


Yeah I wonder what happened to Mercedes pricing over the past few years. They’re been consistently jacking their prices.

Mercedes is slowing inching towards Porsche levels of nickel and diming. Unfortunately, for them, Mercedes doesn’t carry the prestige of the Porsche brand


I loved the new interior of the GLE but ended up going with something else because I couldn’t get anything more than 1k off the price and the residual was like 55%

And they’ve implemented MRM on certain models.

I think the new digital dash in late models is great. New S-class interior is drop dead gorgeous which should trickle into lower models as they refresh.

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Even a MB dealer I have done a half a dozen cars through over the years for family and friends isn’t cutting breaks on the GLE. For a build change, he was only going with about 4% off a GLE 53 AMG coupe. Have not seen anything better. Even older models they are trying to get inflated (IMO) prices. But, based on the lack of inventory, they must be getting it???

It will. Pics have dropped of the new C-Class (official debut tomorrow), and the interior is a virtual carbon copy of the S-Class.

They are in the bottom half for reliability. Most of the cars are still very highly-rated otherwise across magazines except for, coincidentally, the GLE (which is probably their weakest model).

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