Is it possible to have one universal thread with rolling monthly incentives?

Feels like that would add a lot of value to this forum.

Example: Title (Monthly Incentives) (Month XYZ)


Loyalty: $xyz
Conquest: $xyz


So on and so forth.

Fully understand it is a lot of work, but it really would add a ton of value. Maybe even start with a trial thread with like 5 of the most searched for brands like BMW, MB, Audi, etc.

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Are you volunteering to run it? It would be a ton of work.

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I’ll start it if there are some volunteers to help with the info.

I’ll update it, and maybe one user helps per brand? PMs me the info, and then I’ll update per that brand.

It would be a group effort, but one of the most worthwhile leasing threads on the internet.

We have a ton of dealers on this forum, they can be of a lot of value PMing me the info for their brand and region. They get the recognition in thread, it’s a win win for all.

Incentives are local, in most cases. They are different on different models also.

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It’s called forums. :slight_smile:

Google search “brand, model, year lease residual” and guarantee the first topic will be the edmunds topic for that model year and make


Yeah I don’t even know how to begin compiling or maintaining this info. Imagine the spreadsheet for a GMC Terrain - incentives are different on every single trim level and drivetrain, and different for every region…

Didn’t someone that used to post on here start a website to do this??

Idk why everyone always wants to recreate the wheel when updated info is out there on various sites with just a few mouse clicks. Most of it is really not hard to find.