Is it possible to get an S4 or S5 at a halfway decent lease?

My local dealer in zip code 13215 quoted me 5k down and 733/month for an S5.

An S4 was quoted 3k down with 668/month.

Any ideas on Audi leases? I knew they were bad, but THAT bad? I’m offended almost. Any intel on if it’s even possible to get one of these for 500-600/month please let me know. If that’s never going to happen, hackers please let me know!


But it is in SoCal.

Yes. Exactly what I’m looking for, just here in NYS. Your residual is much higher, I believe I was quoted 50% here in upstate NY.

Incredible deal man.

I’m working on a S5 deal in NJ will let you know if it works out…

MSRP $65k
monthly is about $625 for 36/10. and $640 for 36/12.

About 9k upfront with MSDs and fees. I haven’t gotten the exact sell sheet and pricing yet as I’m debating if I want the 19s wheel package or just stick with 18s due to nj weather

That residual sounds very low for an S4. Check out the Edmunds S4 forum for the real residual and money factor based on your zip code. You should be around 12% to 14% off MSRP on the S4 before incentives, based on what other posters here and on Edmunds have received.

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S4 residual is 57% in NY for 36/10k this month. 3k down and 668 a month is a joke. There’s $2000 lease cash through June. A reasonable discount on MSRP and $0 down can get you a monthly payment in the high $500s per month. If you figure in taxes, you may not be able to beat the 1% rule, but it would be much better than the quote you got.


That’s what I figured. I want the cockpit+calipers so the MSRP will be roughly 58k. Getting that car for 590-600 slightly over the 1% would be fine with me. I just can’t find a dealer anywhere here that actually isn’t a stingy POS.

I got another quote of 723/month. Lol

Anyone know if there is lease bonus cash available for zip 13215? Read on Edmunds 3k in a few zip codes in MD and NJ

Ask the guys on the Edmunds forum. You should be in the same region. Either way you should check dealers in a competitive market like Chicago for a better discount. I think rebates apply where you register the vehicle, so you may be able to get your discount and rebate and land a great deal.

For anyone interested in an S4, Silver Springs Audi in MD gave me a pretty bomb lease deal on an S4, depending on packages <600/month with NYS taxes and fees. I went with the Q50 RS instead as their MFs are way lower. That being said, get ahold of Mohammed. Everyone at the dealership and Mohammed were great. If I didn’t run into a good deal with Infiniti this easily would have been my car.

What was the MSRP of the S4 they quoted you? What was the drive-off amount?

I never got a detailed detailed price quote but it was 1k due at signing and MSRP was 57 and change!