Is it me or Toyota has some crap quality?

So I bought a new 2019 rav4 exactly a year ago and today when I was vacuuming the carpet in the drivers footwell, I noticed a hole in the carpet like it was rubbed off. The thing is I have been using all weather mats since day 1 mile 1 but this still happened, it hasnโ€™t happened on any of my other cars.

So, should I go to the dealer and try to see if they can repair/replace under warranty OR something is wrong with my foot :joy::joy::joy:?

My dad somehow managed to wear a hole in every floor mat in about that time because of how he drags his foot around when pressing the gas rather than pivoting on his heel.

:joy: carpet makes sense but I have rubber mats and if your dad wears through rubber mats, I respect that

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I am not sure that a hole in the carpet after a year qualifies as โ€œcrapโ€ quality. I assume it either was there from the start, but covered up, or the rubber mat was moving around and caused the hole.

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All the way through the rubber and through the carpet below to the metal. Ha!