Is it better to hack in the DC area or Louisiana

So in a unique situation here. I am from Louisiana, had a 2018 Hyundai Sonata leased. Yesterday we all flew to DC and my car was parked at my friend’s curbside. Somebody hit the car and their insurance claimed it a total loss. They are paying off the lease and cutting me a check for the balance.

I am in DC till June 3rd. Should I try to shop for a car in this area or wait to get back to Louisiana. I know from past experience that LA dealers are a tough nut to crack. Also I want a like for like lease, I was paying 189 per month on a 36/10 lease. So hoping to keep it around that same range. So no fancy schmancy BMW loaners for me…lol

DC will definitely be a more competitive market. Check out the 2019 Sonata SEL. Someone posted a good deal on that recently that should match your budgetary guidelines