Is it a good deal? Audi Q5

Hi Guys!

I just got this offer, I think I can make it better.

MSRP: $47100
Rebates/discounts: $9235 (19.6%)
$5985 (12.7%) discount, $3250 rebates
Fees and taxes: $599, $421.65, $942
Total: $39827.65
Residual: $26847 (57%)
Money factor:0.00185
Drive off: $4000 (this is way to much)
Monthly $399.9

I think this is a Summer of Audi leftover.

I’d bet they marked the MF up given you have a good discount but the payment seems a little high for the MSRP. Look into MSD’s and Audicare as they might help you get a better deal.

What trim? Do you know the residual and money factor? It seems like you are paying $2000 in down payment after all the fees and taxes.

Residual: $26847
Money factor:0.00185

Hmmm… So what about this offer?

It’s pretty much the same answer as all Audi’s on this forum… it’s not a good deal at effectively 510 month, for a 47k car with only 7.5k miles.

Then again it’s an Audi and they all lease bad so if it’s the car you are sold on, you just gotta bite the bullet knowing there really isn’t going to be a good deal on one

Thank you!

I think i wont buy one more Audi

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are the drive offs counted as the rebates? if so it’s only then 800ish out of pocket, could you add audicare and bump the RV up 1%?

The drive off should be $4000 from my pocket!!!
That’s not gonna happen.

did they give you a breakout? ie Customer cash = 4000 or was it customer cash = 800 and total amount due at start 3200 more?

I have to put dawn $4000 dollar cash to get this car for this price.

I reject the offer, and he just came back with $385/months.