Is DSR Leasing legit?

I’m sure anyone that’s done a Google search for a lease broker has come across DSR Leasing. Of course, just like any other advertisers in the auto industry, their ads seem too good to be true. They have BBB rating of B. Their Yelp reviews seem conspicuously similar. I’m curious if anyone has dealt with them and can share their experience.

Please search in the future.

If giving 0 stars was possible, I wouldn’t hesitate to give DSR Leasing that rating. The level of unprofessionalism and carelessness that DSR Leasing agents (starting with Andre) demonstrated was unreal. Let’s start with the contract. They messed that up multiple times with careless errors on my name, dates, miles etc. that I as a client had to correct them. The contract had to be corrected multiple times and consequently voided each time. At the end of the process, I had no idea which contract was the final version and received no confirmation nor the executed contract. However, Andre’s primary concern was scheduling pick up for the vehicle. I didn’t mind giving up possession of my vehicle but wanted to see proof of payment prior to this. I asked for this 6 days before the scheduled pick up time (which I would think was more than enough time to send me over a copy of the check that supposedly had been sent 2 weeks prior). Long story short, I did not receive it until midnight the night before pick up after having to follow up with two people (Breanne and Chris) over 3 times (again, the fact that I am the one that has to follow up as a client is absurd and shows their poor communication/customer service). Once I received the copy of the check at midnight, I realized it was made payable to the wrong party. I had sent them an official payout document from Toyota that clearly states multiple times who the check should be made payable to. However, DSR Leasing failed to note this detail and made the check payable to something/someone else. I was extremely concerned as this was 7 hours before scheduled pick up. I expressed my concerns via email and text to Andre and Chris and heard nothing back. The next day, the scheduled pick up was still in place (DSR Leasing basically did nothing to my concerns and still expected to collect my vehicle). I did not feel comfortable giving up my vehicle due to the issues with the check. It is now a few days later and I still have not heard anything back from anyone. I terminated the contract based on their negligence and making the transaction impossible to fulfill. Overall, I am confused and disappointed. I don’t know if they’re just horribly organized and not properly trained to give a decent level of customer service, or if this was a complete scam and the check was indeed fraudulent. Either way, I would extremely advocate for you to avoid DSR Leasing at all costs. I lost multiple opportunities to sell my vehicle to honor my commitment to them, so not only did I miss out on opportunities, but also had to completely rearrange my plans in terms of parking, insurance and overall expenses because of the delay, lack of communication and ambiguity of the whole situation. My experience with DSR Leasing was extremely unpleasant, frustrating and disappointing. I never write negative reviews because I like to give businesses the benefit of the doubt and wouldn’t want to tarnish a reputation because of something miniscule or my personal bad experience that may not be reflective of the overall business, but in this case, I think it’s necessary to write this and if I can help someone avoid going through what I did with DSR Leasing, hopefully this review does that.

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I hope this shines a light on how valuable the well rated brokers on LH are. Truly a game changing crowd.

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