Is BMW 3k Incentive available on loaners over 5k miles?

Hi, tried searching but couldn’t find the answer. I’m looking at leasing a 330i loaner with just over 6k miles and dealer is saying incentives not applicable if the car has over 5k miles. Is this true?


Yes, loaners with over 5k miles do not qualify for new car incentives.

Thanks a bunch and for the quick response. I also just learned that for 2017 models, dealer said residuals are capped, so vehicles with an MSRP above 51k take a hit.

Never heard of that. The salesperson is probably wrong. The RV does take a 4% hit plus mileage penalty when there are 5k-7k miles.

What’s the MSRP, exact miles on the loaner and the RV price that the dealer is telling you?

I actually had a sales manager tell me this too when I was looking. I can’t get confirmation one way or another though. He indicated that anything over 51k is amortized instead of residualized.

MSRP is $53,395 with 6,100 miles and the residual for 24 months / 10 k miles is $30,900. I just got this info and haven’t calculated the price but they are offering almost a 30% discount off MSRP but with no incentives cause of miles. Price is around 430/month including tax with 2k out of pocket. No inflated MF either.

I leased a 2017 330ix loaner on 1/2/18 with less than 5000 miles with an MSRP of $51235. There was no problem with altering residuals (except for miles), money factors, or anything else. Hard to get much higher than $51k on a regular 330ix unless it is an M Sport package. Most service loaners will have MSRPs of less than $51k.

Mine was over 56k MSRP and still just had the standard residual with mileage adjustment.

I can confirm this is true because I’ve made that mistake in the past. It’s a super niche detail and super annoying but also super true. I couldn’t even tell you how to calculate the RV on an MSRP over 51k because I haven’t taken the time to learn that yet. Lol

Thanks for the confirmation. I was struggling to calculate the price because I didn’t know where in the calculator to put that extra 2k over 51k. It’s a shame as the discount on the vehicle even without incentives is good.

I’m having a hard time finding good 330 loaner deal in NJ.

We have @nyclife for that

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I ended up with a 48k 320i for 250/mo instead of a 57k 330i as a result. The 330i would’ve been less with the discount they had on it till he told me about that.

Is that an anomaly with these 17 loaners? I’m assuming that isn’t the norm (amortization over 51k that is).?

Interesting! So my dealer made a mistake by residualizing the full $56,335 MSRP on my 330i XDrive loaner?

This was referred to as Maximum Residualizable MSRP (MRM), if I remember correctly.

But you did do that for me on the unicorn 328d and it seemed to be correct (though initially I thought it was wrong so I ended up missing the deal/steal :frowning: )

@RVguy explained that it happens with some Toyotas (specially Tacoma), but I never heard of it with BMWs before. Learn something new everyday on here.

I have misquoted deals in the past because of this. Hence how I learned about it.

I have 4 loaners in my inventory that are ‘grandfathered’ and can be leased using new car programs. 2x 430i, 330i, X1.

Here is the details of the deal that I got:

2017 BMW 330i Loaner with 6100 miles

MSRP: $53,345 (loaded including M sport)
Sale Price: $36,800 (31% off MSRP)
Incentives: None as loaner is over 5k
MF: .000152
Residual: $30,900 This is against a max MSRP of $51,400 so $1,945 needs to be put back in lease
Doc Fee: $495
Acquisition: $995
Reg/Lic: $250

Monthly: $376, including tax plus 2k out of pocket for doc, fees, etc.

Do you think this is a decent deal given the MSRP and discount against the loss of incentives and capped value?

I apologize for dragging up an old thread but I just literally found my dream BMW at a price that is doable for me but was sad to see it has 6k miles on it. How strict is BMW financial on adhering to this rule? Is there a way to get them to make an exception in order to move the car? or do I have to get the dealer to reduce MSRP even further?

This really sucks because when I leased my 2016 528i it had 8k miles on it and this was never a thing.