Is a letter required for loyalty bonus on Nissan?

I currently lease a Nissan Altima which will end in July. I am looking to lease Nissan Ariya and dealer is saying that I need a letter from Nissan USA to get the loyalty rebate. Is that correct or somebody trying to take advantage? Will appreciate any advice

I think you should change dealer, or talk to a broker. Dont even bother answering their calls. Their taking you for a ride. To get loyalty you just gotta show proof (registration or lease agreement)

Thanks a lot

Okay, tell them to get it lol. They have a direct line to NMAC, they can get it too.

Watch all of a sudden a copy of registration will be enough.

You have an altima lease, they can look up your vin on dealertrack and verify your name and address.

Sounds like a dealer that is trying to play games. I’d definitely bail and go elsewhere.