IRS Section 179 - 100% Deduction Business Vehicle over 6,000 LBS

I am looking for a second business vehicle for commercial real estate. I do a lot of driving and client tours. I would like to take advantage of IRS section 179 and get a new vehicle before years end to also offset some 1099 income.

It seems that it would be best to purchase the vehicle with financing and depreciate 100% of the cost of the vehicle this. I did read that you can also lease a vehicle and depreciate 100% of its cost in the first year using Section 179. Has anyone done this and leased vs purchase?

Also If I decide to go the purchase route and depreciate 100% of the cost of the vehicle this year, can I reimburse for mileage and such in subsequent years?

Thank you!

These are questions that really should be directed at your cpa


What he said ^

I believe you have the info twisted up too; a bunch of random internet people are just going to tell you what they do and they will all say the same thing “you really need to reach out to a CPA”.

Query your CPA at most its an hour of their time

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Moving to Off Ramp since 179 is a purchase-only deduction.

It’s been discussed many times if you search, and the advice is always the same

Nobody here knows your specific situation or how best to address it.


You can’t take section 179 on a vehicle. 6k+ pound vehicle will give you extra depreciation