Ioniq 5 launch debut feb 22

i’ve been following the updates on this car. Hyundai will be making an off brand for their electric vehicles called Ioniq and this will be their first car under that brand.


I know design is subjective but I love it. The overly fussy side creases, the hatch, the strong Alfa Romeo SZ vibes from the front headlights. I’m all in.
Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 09.52.36
Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 09.53.06

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It looks great. And by great, I mean it looks nothing like a past Ioniq.


To me that is one ugly hodge podge of different vehicles. the side looks like it was in an accident already. The hood to windshield transition looks like two different cars welded together, I can’t put my finger where they ripped off the front from, but looks very familiar. The rear quarter back looks like someting from Q3, and looked at the rear on the hyundai site, those 80s dot matrix brakes lights are just wow.

Yeah there’s definitely some clear retro vibes. I get a mash up of the Alfa and Lancia designs personally…

The Delta Integrale comparison is a bit of a stretch.

But edgy and futuristic attempts make sense for EVs.

I like it. It’s something different.

Betting the production version won’t have that stance tho

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