Introduce an easy way to estimate LH score

Given MSRP, MonthPay(M) DAS, TaxRate®, LeaseLength(L), I found a fast way to eastimate LH score.
step 1: calculate lease cost exclude tax
lease cost© = DAS - M + M * (1-R) * L
step 2: LH score = MSRP / C * 3
For example, estimate score for this calculator:
DAS - M + M*(1-R)*36 = 1148 - 338 + 338 *(0.9) * 36 = 11761
Score = M / 11761 *3 = 12.8
Match calculator result.

Why? The LH score is a pretty much useless value anyway that people really want to mean something.

It’s just like the 1% rule nonsense.


provide a way for people to estimate score without LH calculator.
of coz, we can not only rely on it.
it is a tool, how to use it depends on people.

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Why though? It’s a value of essentially no use when used with the calculator.

I appreciate the effort of going through the math to figure out what was being calculated, and I have done similar things myself, but I’m struggling with the end goal here.

It seems like all you care about is the LH score of a deal as that is all you ever mention on here. Do you even know what it means? What is it’s importance, or lack thereof?


it’s a tool, rely on people to explain or use it.

Someone was really bored and wanted to reinvent the wheel?

Too much math for me


It’s like that tool in your tool box that doesn’t actually do anything though. You open your tool box and feel like it must be for something. Your kid opens your toolbox, and says “daddy, what’s that one for?” But you never can answer because the reality is, it just sits there taking up space but doesn’t really have a purpose that ever comes.

Sorry, I don’t get it…

If you really care about the LH score, just bookmark a link to the LH calculator and use that. Virtually nobody is going to be able to memorize and calculate a formula like this in their head.

The 1% “rule” may be dumb and useless, but at least it has the virtue of being trivial to remember and calculate.


So you get a 12 on a deal. You take the car. Next month, people get 15 on the deal. Does this make your deal bad all of a sudden? It’s not like you can go return it at this point.

I don’t understand the fixation behind this score or what it supposedly shows you.


It’s even more useless than 1%. But at least 1% gives you some idea, without all this math.
LH score may jump from 9 to 13 on exactly the same deal, depending on how you structure it. So how useful is it?

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I was going to suggest eliminating the LH score and any metric that relies on MSRP

Inflating the MSRP and then discounting it is just another way to lull consumers into thinking they are getting a great deal.


Oh Don’t ! Don’t say that the LH police will come after you :joy:
Oh wait you are one of them.

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Hi Sir,
I have been reading your replies on posts for a quite bit of weeks now, and I have seen you reply to many members on here (who posted an LH calculator) saying that its not a good deal just due to the score. I was curious as to why till i just saw your response stating,

Very confused now, that if it can not be relied on, why have so many members been given the references ?


Every one Thank you for all great input!
The thread suggests a way to estimate score quickly. other discussion is beyond the scope of the thread, should move to other places 。

Compare to LH calculator , this method needs less input, but results are similar.
It’s a better way to make wheel but not a new wheel.if someone find estimation is far from calculator result, I am glad to know that and thank you sharing!

I think and hope it’s my contribution to the forum. If you are not interesting in it , don’t waste your time here, please move on.
Have a great weekend!

I think that does it.