Interstate transport options

Hey all, with all these leases and deals out of state for most, how are you all dealing with the transport issue? any companies that are well regarded? ive visited transportreviews to get an idea, but a lot of companies seem to be bait and switch…

just wanted to know what the best option to ship a truck from texas to ca would be

Do a search on the forum - other members have suggested various companies. You just need to call around and figure out what works for you as YMMV.

I’ve been trying to get a car shipped for a week. Exact opposite route as OP. I bought an M3 in the Bay Area and need it shipped to Dallas. Supposedly there are not enough drivers at the moment. Hence the pricing has been higher than expected. So be ready for some sticker shock…lol. Finally, today my broker seems to think he has someone to pick up my new purchase in Cali. Just waiting to get confirmation of pick up this afternoon.