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Yeah I was trying to see from the dealers eye

All the money I spent in depreciation, I think I could have a Ferrari if I just stick to my original Subaru Impreza 2.5rs :rofl:


It’s very hard to justify purchasing a new European LUXURY vehicle nowadays.

First off, most people lease luxury European cars so after 3 years when all these cars come back to the market, those who purchase will see their value drop even further due to a huge supply out there. This is also a main reason why you can rarely get our of your lease clean at any point in time.

There’s always a huge risk factor when you purchase. If I get into a minor fender bender, my carfax gets dinged and that will cost me in the long run whether I trade it in or sell it privately. (If you trade it in, you’ll lose some more)

At the end of the day it’s how much you can afford to spend and want to spend on a car. (I don’t have my car payments exceed 5% of my gross monthly income.) If you must drive a new car, then a lease with good residual and MF, you can always purchase it after 3 years. You’ll know in 3 years if you want to keep the car or move on.

If you’re a type of person who just wants to get to point A to point B and don’t care much about anything else. Then purchase a 6-7 year old Japanese make for $7k-$8k. After putting 50k miles on it you’ll probably still be able to sell it for $4-5k easily.


Thank you for your financial advice. However on this forum, many here like to spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.


Ivan, I’m looking to order a 2019 Audi when the pricing becomes available. Are there models that are easier to factory order than others? I’m considering the A5, S4 and A4 allroad. A dealer told me they won’t offer any discounts on the A5 as a special order since they receive a limited allotment from the factory. I would think that a special order should be treated the same as a vehicle already in dealer inventory. Isn’t it cheaper for the dealer since they won’t incur a rent charge for the vehicle being in inventory?


Or maybe it simply makes sense to that particular individual based on the fact that he/she has significant money in savings and/or any appurtenant tax advantage as the owner of his/her business. In light of the foregoing the payment, as a percentage of gross personal income, may become less relevant…


Ah, @Masterblaster is a psychic and knows everyone’s financial status and what motivates them to choose the goods they choose.

People who drop this cliche and don’t live in a tent and buy literally everything at garage sales/thrift stores or fish it out of dumpsters, are at least partially hypocritical.

I would bet there’s something in your house/garage/pocket you don’t NEED.


Ivan, I am not able to send you a direct message but would like some advice on a lease of a new RS5. Any way I can get in contact?


You can text me at 626-646-9882 but RS3, RS5’s are not worth leasing. in the ~$1000 a month range with $5k down.


When are you expecting the new A6s? I am local and interested…


4th quarter. No specific release date


Any word on pricing for 2019 Audi’s? Seems strange the order guide had no prices.


Ivan ive text you with no response also cross posting cuz you seem more active in this thread.

Looking to price a Q7 Prem Plus w Navi 36/15k

Black or Blue Exterior. Privacy cargo and mat preferred options



@IvanAudi Have you ever found any evidence a loaner car was abused ? Do you guys inspect loaners thoroughly ( putting on the lift, looking for unseen damage) prior to selling them?

Looking for 2018 C 300 4Matic LOANER car

And then mark down further or try to fix it? I think the dealership plays the “we rather not know” game with the loaners. I can’t imagine someone abusing the car so much in a day or two that they have it that it gives out in the 3 years you lease it for.


I don’t know , hence asking some insights . I think it’s also dealer’s interest to fix or disclose any negatives rather than upset the customer afterwards. There is a guy in another posting who is dead set not leasing loaners claiming they are all abused and I wanted to hear from an insider what could go wrong even if someone gets an abused loaner.


Treat all loaners, demos as used.
While dealer will take care of the obvious, they are not obligated to fix other issues.
For any used car, I always arrange with the dealer after terms are agreed upon to have the vehicle inspected by my mechanic called a private party inspection.

I have done this 3 times with a loaner, demo and used. 2 of them proved to be perfect - no body panels replacements, no suspension bends/abuse, or major repairs. (BMW 335d & 328xi). 1 turned out to be a dealer hiding many issues - body panel replacement, re-painting, suspension issues, and major hidden codes that were erased.
Best $100 I spent to return the car and negate the contract.


What was the one with issues ? A loaner or a used car?


Thanks for all the information!

Are dealers motivated to do out of state leases? Is there any change in incentives for instate vs out of state?


Range Rover LR3 had over $8K in repairs that dealer tried to hide…

Glad to have the dealer agree to a 24 hour inspection to cancel the contract…


You missed the important question, was it the loaner or a used car that had the damage?