Insurance recommendation in Florida

Had Metromille in California. Looking for something as cheap. Thank you!

In Florida there’s no such thing as cheap insurance. When I moved from Georgia to Florida a few months back my insurance premium doubled.

My insurance went down when I moved from CA to FL

Good luck.
I moved to Florida less than a year ago. I was paying $65/month (monthly plan) for Geico full coverage in NJ for a 2020 Tucson.
Same car in Florida, cheapest for me was Allstate, at $1,038 for 6 months (comes out to $173 per month).
I am 5+ years no accident or violation, Safe Driver.
They claim two problems: 1.) Threat of hurricane. 2.) 1 in 4 drivers in Florida are UNinsured or Underinsured.

Yes, that’s because there no requirement for drivers to carry bodily injury insurance in Florida. All they have is $10k in property damage and then your own insurance covers $10k in medical expenses for yourself. It’s ridiculous that in 2021 these are the limits.

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Had switched to progressive years ago from Geico and just switched back to save like $400. For example:

Wifes’s 2021.5 Atlas SEL R-Line $642 for six months
Mom’s 2020 Buick Enclave $602 for six months

both full coverage with paid in full discount.


Just added my wrangler rubicon 4XE and they are all under $600 each for six months now with the pay in full discount.

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Can’t be. 780 a year for comprehensive in NJ? I have never seen anything like that.

I have found that Progressive has the best rates for me in Florida. Last year I was shopping the policy around, as I always do and a State Farm broker told me that Progressive is unbeatable in FL. Not sure if that’s true, but it matches my experience.

Depending where in FL you live, I’ve found to have the best rates from a reputable company (underwritten by Allstate). It’s online only so you don’t get the bells and whistles from a brick and mortar agency but it’s been the cheapest option for me in the past without going to some shady insurance company.

I had esurance on a previous older vehicle, but switched after learning that they didn’t even offer coverage on more than one of the vehicles I was considering as a replacement.

What kind of company won’t insure a 2018 5 Series?

as I periodically check all the different companies because insurance is so outrageous here, I just checked esurance a few minutes ago. Here’s my quote for six months :slight_smile:

Keep in mind, not even a parking ticket on my record, nor my wife or daughters. But, I have a teenage driver…