Insurance quotes for a car yet to be built?

I assume I can’t get a quote until I have a VIN number correct?

in the meantime I will get quotes on a similar car, but was just curious.

Plug in a car of similar cost, make, model, etc and you should be able to ballpark it.


I usually grab a VIN off dealer stock for the exact same trim and model and have insurance companies run the quotes for me.


That’s what I just did, and once the VIN was available from the build, re-checked the quote based on the actual VIN and it was almost identical. I think the difference was that dealer cars had metallic paint, but the one I ordered is not.

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yep that is what I will do thanks

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As long as you are not trying to quote a lucid air, a similar model quite would do.

TBF the people who can afford a launch lucid air are probably the people that won’t notice that insurance bill hike whatever it may be, we all know Fara Fara (Faraday Future’s chinese name).

the second half of 2021.


You can shop around for car insurance before you have your new car, even without your car’s VIN. Start by giving your broker or agent your basic information, such as your name, address, date of birth, the declaration page from your most recent car insurance policy and Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers for all of the drivers in your household. In order to get the most accurate quote, you’ll need the specifics of the vehicle you’re building. However, you can likely use the make and the model of the car you plan on buying for an estimate.