Insurance queries for Chevrolet Volt LT 2017?


I’m about to get into my first lease (a Volt LT 2017), and I’m stumped that I dont have car insurance right now (but will need one to drive off the lot), and all insurance offices are closed now. So, I’m wondering whats the ballpark figures for insurance quotes on the Volt LT 2017 assuming a perfect driving record ? I’m in Bay Area, CA for that matter.

Also, on a related note, I read online that I can close the deal but leave the car on the lot and pick it up in 1-2 days once I have a valid insurance policy. Has anyone done this before?


There are so many variables to this question, but I’ll tell you my quote.

500 deductibles
Uninsured motorists
Rental coverage

It added about 70$/mo to my premium, I have a clear record, only discount I have on my policy is multiple vehicles.

Basically, its $70/month for the Volt only (since you have multiple vehicles)?

Correct, obviously it depends on location etc. but I have higher premiums. Also I’m in California.

You can always get a quote from Progressive, Geico, or Esurance at anytime online with no commitments. Don’t report any accidents, they’ll find them out from your DMV record nor any family members who just got their license.

I saved 15% or more when I switched to GEICO. No joke!