Insurance on a new 2019 VW Tiguan lease

My parents just signed a lease for a 2019 VW Tiguan. The dealer got them to sign up for insurance at the extra cost of $100/month. It covers maintenance plan, lease end protection and wheel protection. I told them that they don’t need it, but I wanted to ask you.

That is very high, I personally would have it all removed

:rofl: That’s egregious. It’s a VW, not a Ferrari. Read the terms and find out if it can be cancelled.

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I’m not even going to ask what they’re paying on their lease…but if they fell for the “insurance” for an additional $100 per month, my guess would be it is atrocious. I hope you prove me wrong.

I have clients (financial advisor) who get some of these plans against my advice…but the peace of mind is worth it to them (even after I explain the total cost etc…).

For those who want this overpriced insurance, ALWAYS decline the initial offer…literally everytime I have, the finance manager has taken 30-50% off the price. And it’s still incredibly profitable!

According to the contract, she has 30 days to cancel, which she is doing, but the dealer is telling her that she will need to pay $100 more per month and that excess payment will be credited to the end of the lease. Doesn’t cancel mean cancel? Has anyone ever heard of this?

She’s paying something in the low 300’s for the Tiguan lease.

Until I see the contract, I can’t say how good or bad the deal is…was it zero drive off? Big difference between 305 and 395.

It’s too late now,anyway. We all have made mistakes in our early lease dealings…which is why we are here!

I believe drive off was $1k