Insurance numbers on the 2020 BMW M340I

Hi guys,

I am starting a lease on a new BMW M340i soon, and I’ve been jumping from one quote to another, but all what I see right now is crazy! Lowest being Geico, quoting ~210 p/m, whereas Esurance is quoting ~510!! Trying to understand the consensus here on how much people pay for similar models.

I know there’s several factors that go into this, but just trying to get a clearer idea, as the lease amount on my current car (2017 Civic) is about ~110.

You’re either very young or have a rough driving record. I’m in one of these and it’s nowhere close to those figures.

I’m 26 and I got my US driving license when I was 24. Came to the US when I was 22. Guess maybe that is why :man_shrugging: But it’s so much lesser on my current lease. No cases of accident. That’s why I was shocked.

It’s going to vary dramatically for every single owner. What one person pays will likely mean 0 for you.

Maybe find an insurance broker?


Oh I see. Thanks for that tip!

I’m not an expert, but I could see the insurance companies treating you like you’re effectively 18 years old with the limited driving history. I have no idea and agree with the idea of hiring an insurance broker to help you.

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High performance car and a young male with only 2 years (at least on paper) experience is definitely a recipe for an expensive payment.


Increase the deductibles to 2k and your Geico insurance could be sub 200. Make sure you understand what that means. But if you are driving a civic for 110 a month, that’s a great deal that is hard to beat and probably upgrade to an accord. The m340 is nice but not worth extra 200 in just insurance

This is exactly correct. My wife has had a US license for around 5 years now and we still pay exorbitant rates. This is coming from France a country we have reciprocity with so she didn’t even have to take the driving test here, she just got her license. When she had a new license it was crazy.,

Sooo, tell us more about that French wife of yours. :star_struck:

On the side note, most if not all insurance companies in the US charge a inexperienced operator surcharge the first 3 years you have your licence. Hang in there one more year, take a defensive driving course and make sure you get all the affiliation discounts.

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Two’s company, three is a crowd …


Not in France…

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No shame in your game huh…

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No can do on a BMWFS lease. They require $1000 deductible max.

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Ha!, that made me laugh. I am not gonna lie it’s pretty awesome. One of the best parts is when she gets upset and lets out a long string of curses in French. There is a reason they say pardon my French when you curse. They make it an art form!

It’s like wiping your ass with silk!


im 25 and have had my license since 17. still pay 260/mo for a '18 340i in socal. rates are horrible all around due to my neighborhood (i’ve been told). i have geico right now and it was significantly cheaper than every other insurance company, with wawanesa being the exception (same rate). maybe give them a check

in our case, you gotta pay to play!

As you can see on bimmerfest, and can personally attest, you can indeed raise the max deductible

I don’t recall BMW having ever audited me for the insurance and Volvo asked me to send the insurance cover page a couple of times but I ignored and they did not persist …

hot damn $210/month??

You’re paying about as much for insurance for your m340 as i’m paying in total for an m340 and an x5, both 2020 models.

Yikes. Hopefully in a year it comes down.

it’s an age and horsepower game, at 23 my lowest quote on a 700 hp hc was $355 per month and my highest was $650 (that’s my monthly payment on the car!)

Now at 25 I’m still at $290 a month if I register it to my personal address, but I got lucky there so I only pay $150 a month.