Insurance during Covid-19

Ah, that’ll do it!

My policy just renewed yesterday. Geico ended up giving me a credit equal to 15% of what my new policy would’ve been had I not lowered my mileage/adjusted my driving last month.

This is pretty sweet. Here I was thinking they would only give me credit for 15% of what my policy is now with the lower mileage adjustment. They probably assume we’ll be going back to “normal” driving soon?

Same thing happened with my policy. They lowered my premium by more than 20% and gave me 15% credit from the pre-adjusted premium.

Amica is only giving us 20% credit for the month of May and June, no word on next year’s premium

Been a while. In addition to credits for early 2020, I just received this from Travelers

You don’t need to do anything. If you had a policy in force at any point during this timeframe, a check will be mailed to you this month.

Geico gave me 15% off, i used that chance to up my liability limits, payment stayed the same but my limits almost doubled.

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Smart. I already carry the max limits, so I’ll take what I can. When I previously had GEICO, I remember they needed an override to max my limits, the frontline reps couldn’t sell it themselves.

Which reminds me, it’s about time to get quotes, and not end up changing again.

I always try to remember to get quotes about a month before my insurance is up. So far i’ve switched between Geico and Progressive a couple times. I’ve been staying with Geico since both the wife and I work for the government. Apparently GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company, a rep told me that last time haha.

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It does. And when I lived in the DC area, nobody could touch them. Since I’ve moved, they have varied from “roughly the same” to “not as competitive”, but always good to deal with. Progressive has never come close to any other carrier for me, with perfect credit and a clean driving record. Which is why you have to shop around, lots of variability.

Quick update for those interested – my rate with Geico has renewed twice since I posted about this. The first an increase of $20/mo, then $5/mo. Still $45/mo lower than pre-COVID. Not bad considering Geico are literally 3-5x cheaper than the other 20 quotes I get every 6 months when I requote. No idea why.

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Got a letter today from my insurance, I assumed just a paper notice about the discount. Nope:

36 Mega Millions tickets :ticket: :fire:

Unrelated, but my check from Wells Fargo after they scammed me for a second time and opened/closed accounts without authorization. I withdrew all but 1 penny before closing the account, and requested my full balance be mailed to me.


Lol…i like your style! Did they distribute any settlements for that?

They did. I got about $180 but they also have me blacklisted now


It looks like you put 12K miles on the car since July. Good to see someone is still driving a lot. I just got my insurance renewal, and determined that I only drove 4K in the last year. I called my insurance company, and got a much reduced rate for the next 6 month period.

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Congrats on being able to do that. I checked with my insurer on this as well, and there was hardly any difference even if I dropped it all the way down to like 3000 miles a year :frowning:

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I called GEICO yesterday as this thought popped in my head. They reduced it by about 10% right away. No hassle.

Since the cars are driving less, a big portion of the risk or probability of claim is reduced as well. So it makes sense to assess lower premium.

Just ask, does not hurt.

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Good idea. What exactly did you say / ask them? I might try this with metromile.

I just emailed an inquiry if i am eligible to get discount for driving less. They emailed back with questions on how many miles do I expect to drive in a year, how many days/miles to work and school etc for all 3 of my cars. I responded. Got email back saying they applied the discount. Whole thing wrapped up in under an hour total.

I love GEICO (couple of claims) and never got anything cheaper from anyone else in all these years. I keep checking others from time to time. No one matches their rates for me. I am in Florida.

Hope this helps.