Installing a trailer hitch on a leased Highlander

Im leasing a 2019 Highlander LE (3.5, v6) and thinking of installing a trailer hitch for our next fam vacation.

Since it’s a lease, is there anything specific I should look into? I don’t mind taking it off before returning the car. Should I let TFS know/ask if it’s ok? Didn’t find anything specific in the lease contract that may or may not allow this.

Secondary question, where would be a good place to buy and install a ~5000lbs trailer Hitch? I know I can get it done in UHaul or at the RV dealership, but are there any other suggestions/tips?


Don’t need to tell TFS. Install it yourself for the cheapest option. It is literally, at most, 4 bolts.

Hey, the Curt hitch I installed on my leased Palisade is 8 bolts

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Lol my bad.

Looking at the Highlander one, it might be 6 bolts. Sorry sorry.

Just installed a Curt hitch on my Sienna. It was 6 bolts.