Insane tire wear M340 after only 10K miles

I have a 2020 M340 with Pirelli Centurato run flats, It has only 10K miles. I got a tire pressure warning the other day and the tire wouldn’t hold air. I bought a new tire thinking maybe I caught a nail and no one will patch run flats.

Well to my horror and shock this is what my tire looked like! The car was driving completely normal I felt no issues. I have a JB4 so the power is ramped up from stock and yes I do the occasional burn out when accelerating hard or taking a turn and letting the rear end swing out.

What shocked me is how uneven the wear is. The outside of the tire looks almost new while the middle in looks bald. In addition to that, how in the world did I get that one wear spot that wore down so deep air is coming out!! Any insights would be appreciated.

Your alignment is way off. I’d be concerned why it looks like that with such low mileage and bring it to the dealer.

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Yup what @marcello1395 said…. It has to be alignment

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How does my alignment get so messed up so quickly and how do I not feel any issue with how the car drives?

Have you hit any major bumps, or pushed the car very hard? A big jolt can mess up your alignment, a big rut in the road destroyed my S60’s alignment about 3 months into my custodianship - had to get it aligned at a local tire shop so it wasn’t that bad.

Is this the rear tire, while IDK how often is ‘occasional’, burning rubber and letting the rear swing out will cause premature tire wear. Especially to the rear tires. I think I burned through 30% tire life in 5k miles on my M4.

Check alignment and maybe rotate your tires in the future.

I don’t think it’s just that.

OP I can’t 1000% tell from photos, but to me, it looks like you’re already at the wear bars on the tire, that’s like 2/32 tread, definitely not good at 10k miles. With a Jb4 and bolt-ons, you’re pushing like what, mid 400hp to crank, keep an eye on those tires!

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This is a little beyond just misalignment. This is severe.

Something is seriously wrong or you’ve abused the car in a way to grind down that specific spot on the tire.

Take it to a good shop and have it diagnosed. That’s not normal even for spirited driving.


Exact same thing happened with my supra I didn’t feel a thing when one of my tires blew on the highway thats when my local tire guy found out what was happening and it was wearing out from the inside so there was no way for me to tell that the tires were going bald

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This is not beyond misalignment. He has at the very least bad negative camber and toe out of alignment. Now what caused it, is probably some kind of abuse the car suffered… hitting a pothole, bumping into a concrete edge, something. Could’ve even been before the car was in OP’s possession. A really bad alignment will absolutely eat tires in 10k miles…

and if the wheels are properly balanced, you wouldn’t notice it while driving.

Often when a car shows up with tires like this the wheels are HEAVILY curbed and the alignment is way off. The roads here (northern california) have severe potholes (even on the freeway) and people simply ignore them and drive right into it.

That being said, the other wear on the tires sounds very normal to me based on the way OP describes his driving.

Was it a loaner?

Maybe I’m the odd one out but these don’t look that off. Your outer tread looks to be basically at the wear bars so these tires are shot regardless. A playful right foot and some camber will get the cords to show fairly quickly on spent rubber.

If you said this was an x drive or you drove like a grandma, that would be a cause for concern. The alignment could be off but even if there was perfectly even wear across the contact patch those tires would be nearly done.

If the photos are misleading and you aren’t at the wear bars, then your alignment is completely jacked in camber and probably toe.

Order 2 new tires with a fresh alignment to ensure alignment is in spec and categorize this expense under entertainment. Next.

it could be alignment but these tires do suck I only got 12k out of my Giulia

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Also these are all-season run-flats, so their ability to cope with any “fun” driving is really limited.

A lot of questions I will try and answer them all.

This is the right rear tire. I am replacing the left one tomorrow and expect them to look the same.

This car was not a loaner I got it with 12 miles

It’s never had anything remotely like a jolt or bad damage. The car has hardly seen the highway.

I have driven the car hard for fun. Taken fast corners and let the rear swing out and I have used launch mode a few times. I have definitely burned rubber.

Again the most shocking thing to me is how unevenly the wear has happened. Not that it did.

I have an appointment with the dealer Tuesday. I will let everyone know what they say.

I did clip a curb once on this wheel coming out of a traffic circle. It seemed so minor at the time I never thought anything of it. It left some curb rash on the wheel. You really think something like that could have thrown the camber off to that extent?

Think you were lucky to avoid what would have inevitably been a double simultaneous blowout


Its worth getting an alignment, but that type of tire wear is pretty common upon sports sedan and cars that do burn outs/drifting/sliding.

Dealer said nothing wrong with the car everything perfect but recommended an alignment anyway. I also ditched the run flats and got e new pilot 4 S. Holly shit it’s like having a new car. I should have done this the day I bought it.