🐯 Insane September Infiniti Thread - 2019 Infiniti QX60 Lux essential - 1k DAS - $419 including tax - 50k MSRP

Broker Fee - Your choice of one of the following 4 items
1- A bottle of Balvenie 21 (750 ML)
2- A bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label (750ML)
3- A bottle of Byredo Sunday Cologne
4- A bottle of Byredo Bibliotheque

We got wild deals on Infiniti Back on the Market and available for grabs

2019 Infiniti Q50 Lux
39 Months Lease
10,000 Miles per year
Only $1000 DAS
Zero MSD
$299 including tax

2019 QX60 Lux With Essencial
39 months
10,000 Miles per year
Only $1000 DAS
Zero MSD
$419 / month including tax

Call Or Text 31O-9O9-39O5

This is the perfect time to grab these because we are expecting a price increase next month on these!

Units moving fast - Inventory running low - Get in touch to get yours!

We are taking orders this weekend for Monday and Tuesday Deliveries :slight_smile:

For everyone asking 2020 models have been delayed and the same body style
These 2019 Models are super hot deals now - Take advantage - Stock running low!!!

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Guess the base model works😂1526164915_slav1


As long as you get to first base :sweat_smile:

How much cologne could one broker need!? :slight_smile:

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How often does the average broker bathe?

Pro tip: Often when you intend to mask the funk, cologne only amplifies it.

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The sky is not the limit but just the beginning :scream:

If the month continues at its current rate I plan on taking a big Cologne Bath end of the month and according to my calculations and the weather forecast the smell should last the entire month of October and possibly the first week of November too!


We are working on all the weekend orders!
Deliveries Won’t happen till early week
Some deliveries will be delayed to end of the week!
Appreciate all of your patience

Let’s get all credit apps ready so we can knock out many orders this week
Thanks for all the business and referrals and helping make this month a strong Infiniti Month!!!

We are closed for the rest of the day - Deliveries are lined up for tomorrow morning starting at 8am!

Enhancement for the second Better Half of the month
We got another shipment in today so we have 20 more of each models
But they’ll go fast at these deals

Q50 Lux
39k msrp
Only 1500 DAS
Zero MSD
39 months
10,000 miles per year
$299 including tax (that’s right $299 including your sales tax)

QX60 Lux With Essencial package
50k msrp
1500 DAS
Zero MSD
39 months
10,000 miles per year
$419 including tax (that’s right $419 including your sales tax)

Does this price include loyalty or can loyalty be added to reduce/eliminate DAS?

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Curious to what these would look like with 36m? Because in CA the registration for the last 3 months would be another $500 or something

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These include it all and we will get everyone low prices across the board!

They don’t have much of lease support with 36 months so 39 months is where its at!

We just got a final enhancement
Only 1k DAS on these models
2020 models will be much more expensive

This is the absolute cheapest we’ve had these

The infiniti dealer usually asks for 5000 das and 299 plus tax on the Q50 lux as an example


1000 Total DAS
299 including tax
is just something you will not find Anywhere we mean Anywhere

And we will discount the cars and get everyone across the board these low prices

Call Or Text 31O-9O9-39O5

We did get updated so 1000 DAS for Everyone

I am so excited
We are thinking of getting them for our staff too
299 including tax for a 39k mspr car with 1000 das
419 including tax for a 50k msrp car with 1000 das

Wooowwwww - Where can you get that - on any car!!!

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Q60 redsport?

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Or q50 redsport

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How much more would a QX60 AWD with heated steering wheel, 20" wheels, navi and surround view monitor be at 12k miles? 6% sales tax. Thanks.

The real good deals are on Q50 and Qx60
I strongly suggest you take advantage of those