Input on 21 XC60 Lease

Hi everyone!

I submitted what I felt to be an aggressive offer last night before sending an inquiry to a broker on a Volvo XC60 T5 R-Design with MSRP of 58,790 in zip 63143.

I offered 36/12 with 10% off MSRP pre incentive
MF .00058
Residual 57%

With 1k conquest incentive since it’s the only active incentive available in that zip I could find. Got this back today and was surprised how close to my initial offer it seemed. I submitted a 2k deposit to hold the vehicle while negotiating since there are very few of this spec from what I could find. The manager was out of office and will apply the proper taxes in the morning. I feel happy with this so far but wanted to get the opinions of the experts on this forum. Sorry for the long post but thanks in advance.

I also wanted to say I would recommend leasecompanion to anyone looking for a broker. I contacted their service last night after submitting the above offer and he got back to me bright and early this morning with two great deals on another R-Design. I also let him know I would happily provide him with a broker fee if he reviewed this current deal but haven’t heard back yet (not sure if that is a no no or not).

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I think there’s a $1,140 VCFS Lease Bonus Cash that was rolled into the discount. you should try to get the monthly payment close to $600 if possible.

What did edmunds give you for incentives when you asked on the forum for your zip? There’s more than likely some amount of lease cash/volvo allowance included in that selling price in addition to the $1k conquest.

What does your calculator look like for the offer you made with all the incentives pulled out?

Shouldn’t @Benedetto be cheaper on this in the midwest?


He is way cheaper. I want to say $499 with full msd before loyalt, aplan, etc. I just leased an s60 from him and his price was unbeatable, and his service/delivery was perfect

It is May 2021, not 2020.

I reached out to him but haven’t heard back from him yet.

I do not see any inquiry from you?

If it’s an email please bump it.

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