Infinity Qx60 lease - First time,

Hello Everyone,

First time lease so please be gentle. I joined the forum last week only and started looking for lease and options. Read lot of articles here.
Learned ways to negotiate with dealers.

Here’s what I’m getting into. please let me know if this is good deal.
thank you

Infinity Qx60 Luxury + Essential Package
MSRP - 52,730
Gross Cap Cost - 45,572.47
Sale Price - 44,000
Fees - Tag + Doc + Acquisition = 989.15

In End my dealer gave me following options:

$1000 Down - 494 monthly
$1500 Down - 482 monthly
$3000 Down - 442 monthly

Taxes - 9%

What is the bridge from MSRP to gross Cap Cost? What is the selling price before incentives? What incentives do you qualify for?

What is the money factor they are quoting you? What is the lease term?

The standard discount on these was $10k with vpp and all the incentives, not sure what it is now.