Infinity QX50 - First Lease Quote...Thoughts?


Below is the initial quote I got on a 2019 Infiniti QX50 in Wisconsin. Looking at each bullet, where should I start to negotiate and what are our thoughts on this deal?

MSRP = $43,215

SALES PRICE = $40,101

INCENTIVES = No current lease incentives on QX50 lease

FINAL PRICE = $40,101


RESIDUAL = 54% (23,336.10)

REGISTRATION FEE = $490 (estimated based on last time)


TAXES = $1,453


DRIVE OFF AMOUNT = $2,484.80

PAYMENT = $541.88


MILEAGE = 12,000 per year

Fairly new at this, thus thank you

The car has no incentives this month. Wait on it before pulling the trigger.

March is FYE for Nissan. Wait till then if you can.

Agree - wait if you can. When it first came out I leased a $53k QX50 for $515 (including tax) for 15k a year, others did even better in the months following. Wait until the incentives come out and MF is back down near 0.

I am looking for the same deal but was told to wait so I will instead of pulling the trigger before the month end and getting a bad deal.

Thank you…Doesn’t seem like a good time to jump on this as it is average at very best. I will wait it out and also checking on a Lexus NX300 AWD and will post that as well.

Thank you for all your help!

What does FYE for Nissan mean? I am looking at leasing a Nissan within the next month…should I just wait until March to do the lease?

I’m assuming fiscal year end

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