INFINITI unveils the design of its first all-electric SUV ahead of debut




Toyota: Lets see how ugly we can make the Prius.

BMW i3: hold our beer

Infiniti: hold OUR beer


Get ready for attractive lease offers in this puppy.


You couldn’t pay me to drive this. It’s Infiniti’s Aztek.


That can’t be the final design? Can it?


For the sake of a few jobs, one would surely hope not.


I think it’s pretty cool looking. Hopefully it will be less than the Audi and Jag. $85k + is a bit rich.


Front looks nice. The rest, well …

However, companies should go produce more of prototypes. Cadillac made some nice one just never produced them or changed it to boring after production.


At least it doesn’t have a fake and unnecessary grille?


GM: We can build a full-size Camaro with 8 inch windows.
Infiniti: Hah! I can name that tune, I mean, build an SUV with 6 inch windows…


Not the final design. Hence the lack of mirrors, door handles, and real headlights, as well as the rear spoiler being part of the bodywork rather than tacked on.


I like the huge dent/scratch on the side…


Ghosn is gone, free for all now. Nissan: we will beat our Asian rivals in ugliness.


lost my drink


It sure takes the pressure off of the inevitable door dings :rofl: