Infiniti QX60 Pure AWD 2019 -39/12k $281.15 Per month(3k trade) - NEW ENGLAND CT,MA,RI



First time leasee, started lurking around early 2018 and learned a lot about leasing, thanks to all the folks. Armed with the info, I went to work with a local dealer back in July for a 2018 model year QX60 AWD Base, dealer quoted almost 500 and didn’t budge. I left but kept in email contactwith the sales manager, sent him other state deals in Oct/Nov to see if he would match but he didn’t. Finally emailed him on Dec 30th and got good numbers, went in on 31st and finalized the deal in the morning, went home did the credit app, came back in the evening, signed, left my old car and drove the new car.

2019 Infiniti QX60 Pure AWD
**MSRP: $47,020
**Selling Price: $40,714.11
**Monthly Payment: $281.15 incl tax
**MSD: 2800
**Incentives: 1500 (Conquest)
**Trade in: $3000 (covered first mo, Acq, dmv misc fees)
**Annual Mileage:12k
**MF: .00086 (reduced to 0.00006 after MSD)
**Residual:59% (27741.80)
**Region:New England Area
**Leasehackr Score:12.5 years

[Lease Hackr Calculator]( shows 274 but my payment came to 281. There is a $5 gap I couldn’t account for.&acqFee_check=true&monthlyTax_radio=true&miles=12000&msd=8)
Final monthly payment is $281.15 includingTaxes.
This is in the new england region where QX60 deals are not as good as in NY/NJ and negotiating with dealers is very hard.

Thanks to all the hackrs and all the knowledge sharing. I am a first time leasee :slight_smile:
Please share your opinions on my deal.

Thank you!


Please let me know if you need the dealer contact.


It’s not that great of a deal. You effectively had $3000 DAS + MSDs


Without that 3k trade in it was like , $1070 in inceptions+reg+dmv fees +first month due and payment came to be $324/ month for 12k miles per year. The remaining $1650 out ok 3k spread out thru the lease term bringing down the payment to $281.15 . Agree it’s not the absolute best deal compared to NY/NJ deals but I haven’t seen anything close around here and dealers are hard to negotiate with.