Infiniti QX60 Premium Plus Lease Deal Offer

I am back, please disregard my last post.
So I went to a nearby Infiniti dealership last night to go over numbers, and pretty much see what they could do for me as far as my trade in. Here is what they came up with.

My trade in: 2010 Infiniti EX35
Trade in value: 10k
N. Equity: 4k

MSRP: $48,995
Sales price: $41,918 14%
+4k: $45, 918
MF: .00085
Doc fee:$1403
Acquisition fee: $795
Miles: 10k
Months: 39
Lic & reg: $365 (most likely be less)
Tax: 6% Florida
Residual: 58%
Drive off: $2417
MSD: 0

The math is there…I realize that no matter what, my payments will be affected by my equity, so I just have to pretty much deal with the high payments for my first lease and level out from there. I am going back to the dealership today with my boss(for his own lease), what are the chances that I can get them to lower the sale price to at least 18% instead of 14%? Not a huge difference, but it would lower my payment by $54.

PS: I do have an appointment later this morning at a bigger Infiniti dealership in the area. The weather is super crappy, we are expecting storms with 7 inches of rain, so maybe they won’t be so busy?maybe I will get lucky?

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