Infiniti Qx30 Pure (Base) - Good deal?

Hi All -
I need some help on whether this is a good deal. I’ve been negotiating it for a while, and these are the best numbers I’m getting. I believe the dealers are pretty eager to get these super base models out. The Qx30 is not the prettiest car out there, but I am looking for entry level luxury at the 350/month price point. So, here are the numbers.

  1. What do you pros think of the deal?
  2. Any tips on where I should push the sales manager to make it a better deal?

2018 Infiniti QX30 Pure Fwd LINK

MSRP: $30945
Selling Price: $24,249
Monthly Payment: $345
Cash Due at Signing: 0
MSD: 0
Incentives: (included in the price: VPP=$1,000, Oct. dealer incentive=$400)

Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .0003
Residual: 47%

Region: Maryland
Leasehackr Score: 7.3yrs

LeaseHackr Calculator

Thank you all so much!

How much of the payment is tax?

The thing is people here have gotten very well equipped QX30s at that price or lower. I’d be looking at higher trims and aim for that price point.

Tax is $1503. Getting hit hard in Maryland. Does that change your thinking?

I think it’s only okay. You should aim for a QX30 Premium at that payment. I’ve seen sports lease that low, too, not sure if they still can. The residuals on these are horrendous.

I know. So, you think I should go back to them and say, these numbers on a premium would work?

Call n check with ifs. I havent doent qx30s but seems likes dealers holding 500 back on the VPP. Confirm amount

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Also, thats Q50 lux 3.0 pricing you are in. Actually with VPP i have seen cheaper. The qx30 are ugly sellers for dealers with a lot more inventory compared to other models. Make them go deeper

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I agree. They are real ugly. I’ll push harder on the sale price. What kind of numbers would make it a good deal?

Yeah way to high I leased a Qx50 essential for 399 with 1k das last week. Email around to other dealers

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@mani_is_kool, you’re right, VPP should have been 1500. Thanks!

Yea, you’re right. Thanks.

And you still want to stick with it? Why not go for the Q50 sedan?

I think I will move to look at the QX50, but there are only 2019s so they don’t seem eager enough to sell them. Additionally, my VPP doesn’t seem to apply to the QX30.