Infiniti qx30 AWD premium w/navigation

Hello, Can anyone give me insider information on how to negotiate a deal on this car?
This is the only info I received so far
399 per month
36 month lease
$1500 down
12,000 miles per year
I have a FICO score of approx 655, so I’m not sure I have much to negotiate with?? No car repos though or late payments on auto loans

Hi Labrac,

In terms of your FICO score, that will only determine what your money factor will be and should not affect your ability to negotiate the final price of the vehicle.

Would you happen to know the MSRP of the QX30 you are looking at or able to retrieve the Sales Price from the Dealer?

Looks as though QX30 is subvented.

MSRP - $40,545
RV = ~56/57%
$2699 down, which you could easily get reduced off the MSRP
$329/mo which already breaks the 1% threshold.

6% margin between MSRP & Cost so try for an additional $2500 off.

Check with Infiniti but I believe they need a FICO of 700 or higher. MF does not change if you have a higher score.