Infiniti QX30 $327.76 Luxury, 16 month left

Looking for a transfer my lease.

Takeover Lease on 2017 Infiniti QX30 Luxury. 16 months left on contract. $327.76 p/month , total miles allowed on lease is 32,507 (657 miles p/month). This Infiniti lease is located in Chicago, IL 60618

If you need more information let me know please , thanks.
p.s. i know about restrictions Infiniti transfer

Hi, interested in the vehicle ASAP. Please call 704-879-3010 or email

OP, just a note: You remain liable on the lease after it is transferred. In other words, if the new owner trashes the car, and doesn’t pay excessive damage…Infiniti will come after you. If new owner decides he doesn’t want to make the remaining payments…your credit will get dinged. If new owner decides to drop insurance and crashes the car…you’re going to be on the hook.

Think long and hard before transferring this car to someone.