Infiniti Q50 Sport Lease - Good deal or not?

Well is this a good deal? Sticker at $52,285 Total out of pocket $2,000. Total monthly payment after tax is $379. Allotted miles are 10,000 annually and the lease term is 39 months. Just committed to it and wondering after the fact if I done good or not lol.

It’s the 2019 Infiniti Q50 Sport with everything. All the upgraded safety features - lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, blind spot, 3D backup cam, collision detection, automated emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, all the sport aesthetics, Bose sound system, navigation, leather seats, all weather mats, etc. The 3.0t V6 twin turbo engine. See image of window sticker.

Anyone have the stone color leather, and any issues/tips to keeping it clean without scuffs and marks)? Little worried about the gas mileage on this. Anyone use less than premium?

Thanks for any thoughts : )


The gas mileage will be horrendous. I used to lease one. 15MPG on a good day. If that’s a concern, run away.

Also, the infotainment tech on this car absolutely sucks. The navigation and user interface is straight from 2005.

If you didn’t take physical delivery of the car, you haven’t committed to anything.

I understand why people lease these - as I said, I did - because they are generally great values. But if the big V6 isn’t a priority, just shop other vehicles.

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I for one find it incredible they’re only getting 300/295 out of a twin turbo V6.

The deal itself isn’t horrible though if you like the car.

That is great!!! I was offered 555/mo with 5k down for 39/15 on an identical car. Don’t listen to haters, our Q50RS averages 24-26mpg in mixed driving. The infotaiment is easy to use, and works very well (prefer it over Acura, Audi, etc…)

Yes this is a good deal. Are you getting VPP discount on this?

As for the stone leather, if you wear dark jeans a lot the seats will slowly get discolored. I suggest finding a good leather protection spray to prevent this. Good luck!

My 2019 Red Sport AWD averages 20 city driving, 27 highway with only a cold air package, let you know after the AMS re program. Infotainment system isn’t stellar, but if you know how to use it, it does what is needed. I drive a sports sedan because they preform and am not to worried about Infotainment…

Thank you. I am not familiar with VPP. I didn’t add any protection plans or anything.

My previous lease was a 2016 BMW 528i which was a service loaner / last model year / last car on the lot / all stars aligning kind of deal and I was not able to find anything in a 5 series at BMW remotely close to that lease deal again ($3,000 down, $399/m, 36K/10K lease on a $56K sticker).

I felt the Infiniti was a great value pound for pound compared to all the other luxury sports sedans and semi luxury sporty sedans I researched. They discounted this Infiniti heavily and I think the price was around $39K down from the $53K ish sticker, but of course a lease.

It seems this Q50 is a nice in between size to a 3 series and 5 series, definitely not as small inside as a 3 but not as large as a 5 exterior or interior.

The interior definitely has a good amount of space even for a guy 6’0 / 210. I’m very pleased with the amount of space even with it not being a full size car.

The trunk space while it looks small visually, isn’t that bad at all and surprisingly you can fit a good amount of gear and equipment, although it would be nice to have some deep storage sections be just one flat area. Might get some small cubby organizers.

Gas is definitely atrocious. The layout of the air vents is rough because you can’t do a sleek magnet phone holder, and I’m not sure how to get a phone mounted cleanly without looking sloppy or using the cup holder which isn’t safe to look downward. The lack of storage cubby / separation in the armrest area and under dash is a little underwhelming. It seems you have to do most of your front of car storage in the glove compartment.

Agreed on the infotainment system. It’s cluttered, not intuitive, and old looking, but the car drives very nice and the interior has a luxurious yet still sporty feel.

The only two things I haven’t figured out yet is how to KEEP the lane departure shield thing on without having to press it each time you start the engine. And how do you do the same for the Personal driving profile? I’d like to keep the steering slightly tighter while driving in standard mode, without having to select the drive mode each time I start the engine.

Thanks for everyone’s help and peace of mind to know whether or not this was a good deal. Buyers remorse is a bad feeling and it seems I did ok on the deal so I feel pretty good about the purchase!

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You don’t have to convince me, I had a 2014 Q50 when they first came out. Yes the ergonomics and technology wasn’t great, but it was an awesome value even back then, since it still had a 328hp V6 and awd in a nice looking package.

You won’t get anything else in that segment for $379/mo including tax, especially with all the options this model is equipped with. Just be sure to take an overnight test drive to confirm the car is right for you.

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