Infiniti Q50 and QX60 Lease Return

Back in 2015 my wife and I leased a QX60 and a Q50 - everything was great for the first 28 months or so but then we had a run of bad luck - just one thing after another (expensive home repairs, major septic issues, family emergencies, sick pets, etc.). Because of those expenses we fell behind on our lease payments and though we have been trying to catch up I was told by the dealer that Infiniti doesn’t want to give us another chance when our leases are up - even though I stated repeatedly that we wanted to purchase the vehicles. Both of our credits are in the toilet but we were able to get financed at Carvana and Carmax through their in-house financing. The dealership apparently didn’t want to talk with anyone other than Infiniti on purchasing at the end of the lease
So the QX60 has 62000 miles - which is about 30,000 miles over the allowance. We drove it everywhere because of the room and it being more comfortable for the kids - the Q50 is only about 4000 miles over the allowance. I checked the forums here and took the QX60 to Carmax - the residual is about 27K - Carmax offered me $16k. I’m thinking I’m pretty much just screwed when I turn it in because of the mileage - and I’ve made peace that’ll I’ll just wait for that bill to arrive.
Infiniti Financial told me to return the vehicles to the dealership when I was ready. I was wondering what I should expect when I walk in and say that I’m returning leased vehicles - are they going to try to sit me down and have a “meeting” with me and try to keep me there for hours or will I simply just hand them the keys and wait for the final bill?.

If IFS won’t finance/lease you anymore, you’ll just hand them the keys, sign an odometer disclosure and be on your way.

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They will probably ask for at least the disposition fee right then. I don’t believe you have to pay it right there on the spot but trust that a significant bill will be coming in the mail.

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When you turn the vehicles in will you still have lease payments left to make? It sounds like you will have about $800 in disposition fees for both cars, plus about $8500 in over mileage charges, plus any damages, and if you have payments left they might not let you out of those either. Sorry that you ended up in this situation. That bill is going to hurt. It could be worse though. It sounds like if you had bought the cars then you would have been worse off.

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I think I would have ended up worse off as well - especially checking the KBB values which were well below the residuals and the offer I got from Carmax. I took both vehicles back this afternoon. They didn’t ask for anything then - they just “grounded” the vehicles and had me sign the odometer statement on their mobile device. I was there less than 10 minutes.
I had two payment left on each so I fully expect them to want that, the overage on the mileage, and anything else they find. I know the bill is going to hurt - hopefully I can settle with them for 2-3 grand but I guess we’ll see.

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It may sound harsh, but you should probably be driving a used Camry or Accord.

Leasing is not for you.

Well we’re not leasing any more so I think that takes care of itself

Get ready, that “meeting” is going to take hours, they are going to lecture you about all those late payments, they really don’t appreciate those kinds of shenanigans.

I would bet that if you don’t make this payment, it’s going to be impossible to get another car. Even if you were approved today, I don’t think they will give you a car once IFS comes for their money…

You can’t settle. You owe the amount in full, and you owe it at once, I think the date they give you will be 45 days after turn in. No payment plans.

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You’re going to be in the hole about $12K if you haven’t done the math. I don’t think you can settle for $2-3K…

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They will not settle, you will have to pay the amount you owe on the miles, any additional wear and tear, all payments due and lease disposition fee…Sorry for you…