Infiniti Q50 3.0 Premium Plus $309 good deal?

Hi, just got an offer from a local dealership here in the chicago area on a 17 q5- 3.0 awd msrp 46k
39 months 12k miles
$700 due at signing (first mo doc fees)

$309 per month.

should i pull the trigger? 40 mins left

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i’ve seen the 3.0 premium plus got for $500 drive off with $282 month including 9% LA tax… but still a good deal

wow thats pretty sweet, what msrp?

I ended up signing the deal, $309/mo first payment inc chicago 9.25% sales tax & cook county use tax 8%.
Dealer & doc fees due at signing $702.58

$46.6k MSRP

I think leasehackr score is 14 years, believe I got a pretty decent deal!

Major thanks to @Stoner1 & @HN308 for sharing insights on their Q50 deals!

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msrp was $45550.

side note - esoteric truth, are you a gnostic, theosophist, jungian, or…?

Wow that’s awesome! Nice deal

please share the info on this deal.

Wow, is it possible you can PM me the details? Thanks

I’m around the same area! (Ohio) and trying to get a good deal on a Q50 as well. Could you pm me the dealer information? Thanks friend.

Is this for an AWD? Please PM me the name of the dealer. Thanks

If it’s someone who hasn’t posted in a while, they may not see these requests. Try PMing them if you haven’t already. It might generate an email notification to them.

CC: @Chicago @samurai

Nice deal…

Actually I’m looking for great dealers in Chicago.

I went to seval dealers around Chicago, but I can’t get my number. Could you share your leasing details?

Please send me PM or E-mail to me.


Please pm me dealer info too. Thanks!

Can you please send me dealer information ?

@theesoterictruth @Stoner1 @HN308 @syedhasan

Would you be able to provide me the dealership information? I am in Chicago as well (specifically Glenview)

It would be greatly appreciated!