Infiniti Q50 2.0t Premium $251/month

Just saw this ad for an Infiniti Q50 2.0t Premium for $199 per month and $1,999 down (essentially an extra $51/month) on a 39 month lease. It says it comes with a V6, but it’s a turbo 4. Premium package includes Bose stereo, moonroof, Homelink & autodim inside mirror and adds $3,700 to the price. I’m curious how much we could get a base Q50 or a Q50 AWD model for. Michael?


I would also like to know the numbers, the lease for this car is really good right now. One broker told me they are currently leasing them for $8,000 under invoice.

Add another request for the numbers. I’m in Madison, 53716, but could certainly make the trip to Chicago…

Residuals on the 2.0 are awful. Look into the 3.0 premium lease. EASY to get them at 299 with 1st payment down. Many dealers are offering this deal in Texas and we’re a state that is supposed to put taxes upfront.

Hi Surya, can you mention any dealers in TX that might offer that deal? Thanks.

Grubbs infiniti in the DFW area in Grapevine.

Talk to a gentleman named Jeff Armstrong and let him know I sent you, he’d give you the best deal/ match any others. Bought my last 5 Infinitis from him.

He was offering 3.0t premiums 299/mo, first payment down last month

@skildner did u get a good deal in Chicago?

Update from my dealer in dfw at grubbs. Number on the q50 3.0 twin turbo premium is 359 with 359 down because they lost tax credits from last month so payment went up $50-60. I will update this month to month with the best possible deal.

If anyone is looking at an infiniti go to Jeff Armstrong @ Grubbs Infiniti in Grapevine. Let him know I sent you because he will give you their best deal possible like he does for me. Tier 1 #s btw. I’m not making any referral money just trying to get yall the best number I’ve found.


I have never done a lease, need alot of help here, trying to figure it out , any numbers for SoCal and any advise?

Best advise? probably start here -

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SoCal all brokers are advertising 305/month for 3.0t premium without Navi. That’s 0$ drive off, tax inc.

What SoCal brokers? Thanks

any deals on the red sport? Checkout their Instagram page, they post their deals there.

Anyone in the NJ area receive any recent quotes on a q50 lease?