Infiniti pull a head & end of the lease question

My QX60 lease is maturing in October. I had 2 questions:

  1. Does Infiniti have pull ahead if I want to lease another QX60?

My 2nd question is based on the answer to the first. So let’s say Infiniti does have a 3 month pull-ahead which means I can potentially turn it in Aug and lease a new one. And lets say my registration is due mid Aug, would I still be responsible for registration if I use the pull-ahead and lease a new QX60 before registration is due on my current lease?


Not sure regarding the pull ahead program, but regarding registration: When you sign the release of liability that puts the dealership as the new owner of the vehicle and no longer yourself. You should not be required to pay the reg fee if the car is no longer under your name.

Infinti pull ahead is usually 2 months.

Pull ahead is 2 payments. If you turn the car in before your registration is due, then you will not be responsible for renewing. You will also have your disposition fee waived and hopefully your name will be on the Infiniti loyalty list as well. Should make for a very nice QX60 lease payment. PM me if you have any other questions.

Thank you all for the reply. The problem I am having is that dealers are not honoring Truecar guaranteed price. Is that normal?
I thought it might be possible to get even lower than Truecar guaranteed price but so far they are coming higher than those prices.

If they are not affiliated with Truecar then they won’t have to, so it is normal.

They are affiliated. I was contacted by them through my Truecar request. Does that mean that they have to honor it?