Infiniti Lease Recalc

This weekend I leased an Infiniti QX50. Both the sales manager and the area rep were unable to apply any MSDs. The manager said she’s only done MSDs twice before (in her 14 years in the business) and the area rep is new, never done MSDs. They lowered the price slightly to off-set the difference. I’m wondering if, after the fact, I can revisit the MSD issue directly with Infiniti Finance. Is this even an option? 5 MSDs would save me ~$30/mo and 9 MSDs would save ~$54/mo. Has anyone done this before?

No, they need to be on the contract before being funded.

I was working a deal on a QX50 also. The sales manager didn’t have a problem applying 9 MSD’s at $500 per. Dropped my payment $61/mo. Was a pretty good deal on an Edition 30 ($49435). Have had 5 Infiniti cars. Just looking for something different at the monthly payment offered.

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Thanks, @HersheySweet

@Rocknedog7255 That’s really close to the MSRP on my car. Got the price down to 36,200. Good luck on your search.

I’ve been looking at a QX50 too…

The issue I’m running into is the money factor is soo high (apr of about 5% prior to buy downs).

Do you know how far the MSDs will get the APR to?

And why not look at a purchase (on the website they mention 0% for 72 months, which seems like a better option than the lease).

Curious to hear your thoughts

Don’t buy Infiniti. The build quality and resale are not that good

Need to look at the total cost of ownership. Just a guess but I’m betting the real world depreciation negates any benefit.

Choices for me are limited as I’m looking for cars with climate controlled seating…choices essentially Land Rover and Infiniti and I think Infiniti wins that fight.

There are a lot more vehicles with AC/ventilated seats… there was even a thread about this

Yeah… I wrote one of those responses regarding the difference between ventillated and AC seats. I need AC, so my options are quite limited.


If my MSDs worked, it would have lowered the monthly payment by about $50. Since it didn’t work, they dropped another $1800 off the price. That’s within $5 a month, and I thought it was fair. Especially since I can keep those MSD dollars in my bank account.

MF is 0.00206 = 4.94% and the MSDs would have lowered MF to 0.00116 = 2.78%

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That’s a no brainer. $5 a month more and you keep your $4500 in your pocket. $39 x 5 = $195.

Money in bank @1% a year = $45, and the rates are not that good. $45 x 3 1/4 years = $146, difference of $49.

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