Infiniti lease payoff question

Does Infiniti jack up the payoff amounts if I want to sell my car before lease is up? Through the Infiniti payment portal it gives me a current payoff amount with two options, one says dealer assisted and other says fincancial Institution. However they are both the same.

Say I owe 30k and I can sell my car for 30k to a dealer, can I just do that and be done? Or is there some other fee associated? I’m researched this but I can’t get a definitive answer if my payoff is really my payoff on a leased car.

This is in Oregon with no sales tax btw.

Usually there’s a slight difference in payoff amount between consumer and dealer and I believe it’s tax related but since your state has no sales tax, it might be different.

did you ever call Infiniti financial and ask?

Researched this? Look no further than your lease agreement. The method used to compute your early lease termination liability as well as computing your early buyout option is disclosed in your lease agreement. So, no, Infiniti, nor any other manufacturer does not jack up payoff amounts. It’s right there in black and white. As 305Hackr suggests, there may be slight difference in the actual amounts paid between dealer and lessee which is likely due to taxes. In your case, it may not matter.

That’s going to be the real question…is your car worth the payoff?

Yes. I’ve researched. In my lease agreement it talks about early termination as in turning the lease back in early before completing my agreed terms. It says there is a disposition fee if I purchase the car at the end of the lease. But no where could I specifically find verbiage explaining if I just want to pay off the car after a year and or sell it to a dealer, and if the payoff would be different between the two scenarios. I haven’t called Infiniti yet because they were closed when I posted this question, and also I wanted someone to chime in who has done this before so I know I’m getting the correct info.

I’ve already gotten an offer for slightly more than my payoff so yes, it’s worth it.

Have not called them yet, as they were closed when I was researching this. I wanted someone to chime in through whose done it before so I know I’m getting the correct info. I’ll give them a ring today though.

There is no disposition fee if you purchase the car There may be a purchase option fee. A disposition fee only applies if you’re returning the car.
There has to be language in your lease describing how your payoff is calculated should you choose to exercise your purchase option. All consumer retail lease agreements, by law, must incorporate this language.
If you like, you can pm me with a copy of your lease agreement and I will compute the payoff balance for you. I’ve computed lease balances for several different fund providers (Honda, Chase, Ally, Huntington, etc.) and, basically, they use the same methodology with minor differences.

Hey delta sorry I never got back to you. I totally spaced on ever checking my replies. I figured out my questions. I appreciate the offer to look into it for me none the less. Take care

No problem. Good luck!