Infiniti lease assumptions

Has anyone had experience in taking over an Infiniti lease? Is it truly a free transaction? Any worries on lease return, other than the usual caveats about taking over a lease from someone you don’t know?

No worries at all. Even if there is damage, don’t worry about paying for it. The original leasee will be responsible and pay it. :laughing:

It was a serious question. There’s not much here on Infiniti transfers

He was partially serious. Infiniti leaves the original lessee liable, so probably not many people willing to transfer one to have much of a data point.

Well that’s fine both parties in this case are low risk. But I’m surprised, doesn’t seem fair to the original lessee. Thx for the info!
Plus it’s free, amazing!

There is no transfer fee, but there’s a $250 application fee.