Infiniti Financial Still Hasn’t Closed My Account after a Month

The car has been paid off as of Sept 14th and after 50 calls to their CR’s and Senior Reps my account is still not closed out. Their charging me monthly payments still on a car that is paid off. Is their any other kind of action to take here? How do I go about handling the credit bureau portion because at this point I’m sure it’s gonna be reported.

Go figure, Infiniti sucks.

How did you get rid of the vehicle (ground it, sell it, trade it, light it on fire and leave it burning in a ditch)?

What do you mean they are still “charging” you?

If you’ve been averaging almost two calls a day for a month, they must have told you something. What are they saying?

It was sold to Vroom. Payoff was received and posted to my account. Account wasn’t closed. They actually owe me money. My monthly payments are still active even though the payoff is paid in full. Reps keep saying it’s being taking care of and check back every day. Apparently Vroom sent it to their payment address and not payoff address. At this point the grace period is up on a monthly payment. I’m just completely frustrated.

Does this mean your online account shows a regular payment is due?

If you’re really concerned, make the payment and they’ll just add it to your refund later.

It’s not worth obsessing over a few hundred dollars for a couple of weeks, especially if this is eating at you every day.

Yeah it’s showing as a payment owed on my dashboard. I’m just wanting to know when enough is enough. I can’t keep making payments on 2 cars. I’ve already made one payment and the next one is about to hit.

They lost me as a customer over this.

It’s unlikely that this will result in a late on your credit reports, but if it does, it’s fixable… and you (should) have the documentation to prove it was paid off.

The reason I suggested making the payment is because I’d rather be out a relatively nominal amount of money for a short period of time than deal with the credit bureaus after the fact.

I’m not seeing a third choice.


Thanks man if it comes down to it I will have to. I just feel like it’s so wrong that they have the money and are still charging me.

I completely understand the frustration, but you’ll rarely be disappointed when you let pragmatism triumph over emotion.

For perspective, it’s been one month. If you were on your fourth or seventh or eleventh extra payment, I’d define pragmatism differently.

Good luck.


I had audi financial on a a3, finished my lease, turned it in, done.

4 months later I see they reported it to credit as if I missed my last 3 months of payments. (which I paid on time).

don’t know where they got that from, so I set up an account at experian and contested those payment. they ask you to send them the payment date etc.
3 weeks later, report shows paid in full.

haven’t leased an audi since…

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Thanks I appreciate it. This is my last Infiniti like I said. I get the Covid thing and I’m sure their backlogged working remotely plus it didn’t help that Vroom sent the payment to their other address but shouldn’t be a month to close it out.

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