Infiniti Financial Service lease after death

My uncle passed away very unexpectedly. He was only 7 months into a 39 month lease on a Infiniti Q60

After dealing with the most important financial issues, like burial, stocks, mutual funds, pension real estate. I turned to dealing with the car lease.

I made 1 call to IFS with his account # and within 1 day I had an email with release from the lease.

Each rep I spoke to took a moment to offer condolences and ask if they could be of any help with anything the family might need.

It is called a voluntary surrender and is handled differently then a lease return.

no odometer disclosure statement, no disposition. Infiniti called a local tow service who came and took the car away on flatbed.

someone is going to buy this car at auction and get a steal 7 months old 3000 miles and spotless.

Kudos to IFS for making this extremely easy for me the executor.


Sorry for your loss. Infinity/Nissan get a lot of shit here but so glad they treated you respectfully and made the process easy. Kudos to them.


Infiniti dealer and IFS have always been good to me. Very sorry for your loss.

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Great info and thank you for taking the time to post it.


Sorry for your loss.

But just out of curiosity, does IFS levy any additional fees against the estate with a voluntary surrender ? Are there the standard charges that anyone would be on the hook for if the voluntary surrendered their lease ? Or are they waived considering the situation ?

Thank You.

I had to send them proof I was the executor( first and last page of his will) along with the death certificate as proof. There were no additional fees/penalties et al

I wish my experience went like this. They explained the situation to me this way, that it would go away then sent a bill for $20k.

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I haven’t been around much lately so I forgot to update this.
About a month I got a credit alert from LifeLock that my uncles credit score dropped from an 850 to a 688. I logged and and see there is a judgement from IFS for failure to pay. I called IFS immediately. The rep tells me not to worry they never go after the estate for the difference between the auction sell price and the balance of the lease… so we’ll see

Get that in writing. Very few lease companies have death clauses.

If he has no trust and has asset, in theory everything goes through probate and they could go after his asset to satisfy it.

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