Infiniti early lease return?

My current Infiniti lease matures on 4/7/2021. Would I be able to return the car in mid-December, and pre-pay the remaining 3 payments online, and wait for the dispo fee bill in the mail? There is no separate “early termination fee” right? From what I know it’s just the balance and your remaining payments plus the dispo fee. Just wanted to confirm with the experts. I’ve also read on here if your return the car more than 90 days before your lease matures, you will have to pay the balance of whatever the car sold for at the auction. Does that really happen?

Go to a dealer, they will ground your car, but you gotta take care of payments on your end. The dispo fee will also be handled between you and IFS.

IFS takes it sweet time to close everything. like a good 45-60 days

CAREFUL with this

your 2nd statement is correct.

Returning a car > 90 days can trigger the Re-evaluation of the RV and this might bite you back.
Look up the KBB price / Carmax price vs the 3rd party payout amount. and see if you can just sell it outright.

Definitely can’t sell it outright. Last time I checked was I think a 10k difference

oh yikes, definitely do not turn it in early.
Sorry to say you might want to Turo it (Is that allowed?) or put it in the garage (I don’t recommend Swap A lease)
And check your Gap insurance…wow 10k down.