Infiniti dealership buying lease

If an Infiniti dealership buys my lease and positive equity is due to me, will they or can they provide me with a check right there on the spot? Or will I need to wait until they get the title from Infiniti and then get the check from the dealership weeks later?

Anything I should be worried about or should make certain they do or provide me?

Also, if MSD’s are due to me on this lease, do I have to receive them from Infiniti directly or can I request that the dealership deduct from the payoff and pay me the MSD’s + the positive equity?

Depends but most make you wait till they get the title

Depends on the Payoff, when you get the payoff does it include? It does sometimes.

The Nissan dealer who’s going to buy my Pathfinder told me that on a weekday, they can give me a check right there. Might also depend on the dealer, but I think Infiniti finance and Nissan finance are pretty much the same thing. Even the two websites are almost identical aside from the name and logo.

If dealer buys your lease out they are factoring MSDs into the buyout. You won’t get them back. I just went through this. Also, Infiniti dealer made me the following offer on my qx60, if they buy out they would give me $500, if I bought out and sold to them $1500. Mind you I had 3600 in MSDs so it didn’t make sense to do.

What was your situation? 2019 QX60? How many miles? Where are you located? I’m in a 2019 QX60 and have 3 months remaining and also have $3600 MSDs.

Don’t necessarily need to get rid of it. Figured if I could get something out of it, I would do it. If not, I’ll just ride out the lease and keep the new car parked in the garage.

If they give me some BS, I’ll just make sure to not return the lease there. :wink:

@brunot99 and @CHOTAS82 send me your vins and odos if you’re in nj.

@aronchi pm sent

In MI… But thanks

2018 qx60. 25k miles. In MI.