Infiniti base QX60 $319/mo, $4050 MSD + $1000 drive off

Haven’t closed yet, but want to see what people think of this.

2017 Infiniti QX60 (MSRP $44,810)
39/10k lease
$5050 total drive off ($4050 MSD’s, $1000 for first, fees, etc)
$319/mo plus SoCal tax ($349 with tax)

Most dealers have stopped responding to me at this point, so I think I’m coming close to the ground floor…


Which dealership is this at? I may be interested in one at that rate. I am in the Sacramento area.

I am interested as well. Can you please provide the dealership info? I don’t mind driving a bit if I am getting a good deal.

Looks good to me as well without the MSDs. Share dealer info.

Van Nuys and South Bay have said yes to this deal.

No go for me. They said $449 with $1000 down is the best they would do.
Have you bought the vehicle already?

I’m going over tomorrow. Is your quote with or without the MSDs?

I am in SF Bay Area and would be interested. Can someone share the detailed breakdown?

Below are 2 options I was given earlier this month.

I don’t think either of these are spectacular, but for comparison purposes:

  1. MSRP 56,310 (premium, premium plus, deluxe)
    $1300 total out of pocket

  2. MSRP 44,xxx (base)
    $1800 total out of pocket

Without MSDs. He pretty much said it is a bogus deal snd cannot make it happen.

Can you give the breakdown of the deal?

I’ll find out how real it is this afternoon. But I have re-confirmed the numbers with them 3 times now over email, so he’d have a hard time wiggling out of it…

Post the break down if you get the deal. I think, if you have an infiniti in the family or work for a company that has vpp discount it might be a better deal.

I have neither. Conquest, though, as I have a BMW and Lexus.

Which dealer or location is this? I am very interested.

Negative again with riverside infiniti.

What selling price/net cap cost are they giving you on the car?

Was definitely for real. Brought it home tonight from South Bay. Which means there is still one sitting at Van Nuys, who promised to make the same deal.

That said, I actually ended up doing a bit better. There was a $1000 rebate that they used for the first/fees/etc. So my total drive off was $4050 (all MSD’s) and the monthly payment is $349/mo including tax. I did spring $730 for the pre-paid maintenance. But, I figured since I got an extra $1000 in rebate, it was essentially free.

Let me know if anyone wants the name/info of the guy in Van Nuys.

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Here’s the full breakdown (with the maintenance rolled into the monthly)…

MSRP: $44,310
Sales price: $37,142
Acquisition fee: $700
Doc fee: $80
License fee: $352
Pre-paid Maintenance: $739
Gross Cap Cost: $38,581.25
Rebate: $1000
MSD’s: $4050
Total cap cost reduction: $139.69
Net Cap Cost: $38,441.56
Residual: 58%
MF: .00023
Total drive off: $4050 in MSD
Monthly payment $371.34 (including SoCal tax)

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That’s a great price 16% below MSRP + $1000 rebate (with no VPP). Enjoy your vehicle.

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