Incentives on BMW loaners



I’ve tried searching and searching here and everywhere else. I know it has been discussed, but it seems to change monthly. I’m trying to assess what all is usable and stackable on an X2 xdrive loaner.

In my area (NJ), there is $3250 lease cash. Then we have $1k conquest. Fleet is dead, is that right? And I have an OL code, so does that apply? Every dealer I talk to has a different story. Earlier today, one told me conquest and OL don’t stack. This evening, I had another tell me OL doesn’t work on loaners. How are we supposed to know what is accurate?


Check @BMW_Dave thread that he updates monthly with all the exact details


OL can’t be used on loaners and fleet is dead


Just read a post from BMW_Dave from 2 days ago where he says, “Yes here at our store loaners/demo/exec get all the rebates (lease credit, loyalty, conquest, college grad, USAA and OL Code…NOT CCA).” So, if his store can do it, that means any store can.


Give your OL Code to a dealer that you trust won’t redeem it. Ask them to validate it and email you those results. It will show you what vehicle status it can and cannot be used on. It will also show you that it’s actually only $500 from BMW NA. Best of luck!


Why would a store “redeem” it without the customer purchasing a car? Can/would they use the code for someone else behind their backs? I thought an OL code was tied to the individual anyways.

Just don’t understand the logic. Thanks.


Now I have yet another dealer telling me the incentive on X2 is different for loaners than new cars. No other dealer said any such thing. He is saying, instead of $3750, its $2750. SIGH.


People make errors all the time. I was just pointing out that if he was unsure, he could ask them to email him the validation which should state that he can use it on loaners.

That is correct. There are a few models whose lease credit were enhanced this month (MY18 3, X2, X5 and MY19 4 GC) but it is not applicable to loaners. I mention this in my Programs thread.


Thanks, Dave.
Worked out a deal on an X2 loaner for 20% off MSRP before the $3750 incentive. $42,295 msrp for effectively $360/mo sign and drive for 36/15k.


Super deal. Did you use the OL code?


It didn’t work. Original deal was 19% off and $4250 incentive. When the code failed, they dropped to 20% off instead.


So you can’t use ol code on x2 loaners or your code was a dud?


Dud. 202020